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Taking the plunge and moving abroad…


There has never been a better time to make the big move to a life that once was reserved for those 2 week vacations once a year! Think about that for a minute. People work all year, in order come…

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Why we love the Caribbean side of Costa Rica..


I often get asked the question – “Why the Caribbean side of Costa Rica?”, or something similar. People just don’t know about this coast, they’ve only been exposed to the Pacific side…and therein lies one of the many reasons why…

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Beaching In Puerto Viejo

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Another Great blog entry from Isis Millward (Source: Playa Cocles. Kean Millward No offense to treeless beaches teaming with sprightly teens. It’s the scene for them, and I’ll not throw shade (though, maybe they could use some). My husband fondly recalls…

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