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National Parks of Limón and the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

With all this talk of investment and development into the Limón province of Costa Rica, we need to remember also, the natural beauty of this part of the country.

Costa Rica has, among many things, become famous for it’s Jurassic Park-type stunning natural beauty. the Caribbean side of the country, even more so. From rainforests, to rivers, mountains, valleys, jungle and rolling hills all the way to the beach – You can’t help but feel small compared to the massive amount of nature and wildlife around you!


So in this blog, I thought I’d highlight the National Parks and Nature Reserves that Limón has to offer, so you can discover the incredible flaura, fauna and wildlife that surrounds us.

The First National Park is probably the easiest to get to if you’re staying in Puerto Viejo,

1 – The Cahuita National Park

It’s just down the road, right on the coast and is within the Caribbean ‘La Amistad Conservation Area’ of Costa Rica, connected to the town of Cahuita.

The land protects the beaches and lowlands and attracts tourists and other visitors who are able to scuba dive and snorkel in the protected marine area which contains the Coralline Reefs, as well as being a nesting ground for sea turtles!

It’s a 2,711 acre park with one of the nicest and least developed beaches in Costa Rica. It has 600 acres of reef that is known to have 35 species of coral and 123 types of fish (I know…who actually counted all of those!!?). On land, there are all sorts of animals within the park, including northern tamanduas, pacas, white-nosed coatis, raccoons, sloths, agoutis, mantled howlers and white-headed capuchins (You might need to look some of those up, I know I did) and so much more!

The Cahuita National Park is the ONLY national park in Costa Rica not to charge admission – instead, it relies on donations, so please help out where you can!

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2 – Veragua Rainforest Research & Adventure Park

This is a great day trip for all the family. Set in the rainforest, with breataking tropical views and fun experiences in nature. From Zip lining, Waterfalls, Frogs Habitats, Hiking trails Butterflys and so much more!

At 3,400 acres, this is the largest and most remote park in Costa Rica!

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3 – Tortuguero National Park

This national park is situated within the Tortuguero Conservation Area of the northeastern part of the Caribbean. The park has a large variety of biological diversity due to the existence within the reserve of eleven different habitats, including rainforest, mangrove forests, swamps, beaches, and lagoons.The national park’s wild life consists of birds, mammals, fungi, ferns, marine life, sea turtles, lakes and rainforest.

Its beaches are famous nesting grounds for sea turtles, including endangered green turtles. The park’s freshwater creeks and lagoons, which can be navigated by boat or canoe, shelter spectacled caimans and river turtles – So be careful!

Tortuguero_boat_trip Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.26.44 PM Tortuga-Lodge-Gardens3

4 – Braulio Carrillo National Park

This park is right in the center of Costa Rica and is on the eastern edge of the central volcanic corridor between San José and Limón. If you’re leaving San Jose on the way to the coast, it could be a worthwhile stop off from the Limon Highway! More than 90% of the park is covered in primary forest, providing a unique snapshot of ancient ecological conditions. It is well known for its biodiversity with 600 identified species of trees, over 530 species of birds, and 135 species of mammals already cataloged!

The park is home to the famous Barva Volcano; and several dormant volcanoes including Cerro Chompipe, Cerro Cacho Negro, and Cerros las Tres Marias. The Barva sector has three crater lakes — Barva, Danta, and Copey which are an incredible sight.

There are some great water features including the Sarapiquí River watershed, including large amounts of primary cloud and rainforest, and the flora and fauna that makes it their home. Others in the park include the Hondura River, Patria River, and the mineral-colored Súcio River.

Some great trekking and white water rafting to be had in the area!

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5 – Chirripó National Park

This is probably the hardest to get to. But, wow is it different from all the others!

It encompasses 3 different provinces – San Jose, Limon and Cartago. It gets it’s name from the famous Cerro Chirripó which at 3,820m, is the highest mountain in Costa Rica. For the adventurous of you, summiting the peak begins with a hike along a 16.5 km uphill trail from the town of San Gerardo de Rivas to the park ranger’s refuge in the Los Crestones sector; then it’s followed by a 5 km walk to the peak. Imagine the view!

Interesting fact for you: The park is one of the coldest places in Costa Rica. In fact, the coldest temperature 15°F (-9°C) ever recorded in Costa Rica was recorded here!

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So basically, as you can see there is pretty much something for everyone! It’s definitely got me going…I want to get out there and explore now!

Let us know if you want any help with finding out more information on these places or anywhere else – we may be just real estate agents on the caribbean coast, but we like to think we know about a few other things, and we definitely love exploring and helping other people to discover new things as well!

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