Beautiful 20 Acre Lot at Tuba Creek

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Property ID : CS0041

For Sale $500,000 - Finca, Lot
There is a public dirt road which accesses the beach from the property, the picture with the river is the mouth of Tuba Creek where it meets the ocean. There are no restrictions for riding your horse to the beach, you will actually have company as there are a couple of tour operators who offer horseback tours on the beach. The property is 300m from the beach, close enough to hear the ocean but far enough to avoid any ownership or title restrictions imposed inside the 200m maritime limits. The properties on the access road are cleared, this is an agricultural area.
The property is flat, fenced off and cleared. with a natural spring for water, there is no public septic system although there would not be any problem in installing a system. Electricity is available from the local supplier. It is approximately 20 acres with adequate room for any livestock you may want to raise. I have very good neighbors who help with the maintenance and clearing of my property in exchange for allowing them to use my property as a pasture where their cattle may graze as they rotate pastures.
This property would be an excellent opportunity for an investor who has a love of nature. Also it would be a great area to develop an ecotourism based business. There is an area in the center of the property where there are some tall trees which provide adequate shade.
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