Casa Idyll

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Property ID : SD0020

For Sale $360,000 - Finca with Home, Home
3/4 Acre 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms  Add to Favorites Print

Located in within a popular neighborhood in Playa Chiquita, La Casa Idyll is within easy walking distance to all the local restaurants, stores and the beach. The beach at Playa Chiquita is a favorite amongst families and young children for its protected waters, tide pools and easy access. There a 2 spacious bedrooms set apart from each other on opposite ends of the house each with large beautiful bathrooms including over sized showers, glass sinks.

The property boasts and orchard which has been looked after by the home’s owner with lots of different tropical fruits and plants. For the landscaper in you as well, there is a creek which passes through the property with a foot bridge built over it leading to the remaining land that comes with the property – What a great feature!

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