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Taking the plunge and moving abroad…

There has never been a better time to make the big move to a life that once was reserved for those 2 week vacations once a year!

Think about that for a minute.

People work all year, in order come away and spend time with their families, or do things for themselves. That is just not how life is supposed to be. We have become obsessed with work. Believe me, I know, I am and have been one of them.

Stop. Take a moment for yourself, or for your family. What do you really want?


Moving to a tropical country isn’t for everyone, I’m not going to claim that, but wow is it awesome, and for a lot of you, I bet it would be a dream. Of course it comes with it’s stresses, so don’t expect smooth sailing all the time, it is after all, real life, but everything in between is just that much better.

10 to 20 years ago, moving to a caribbean beach town that time forgot would have been just that, a dream that was impossible for most people. Now, with the internet, more people discovering places, better knowledge and ease of access to information, people can make a living easier, they can communicate with the rest of the world easier. The old model of a standard career in a city or the typical 9-5 just isn’t quite so typical any more.

I’m always amazed at the different ways in which people i meet are able to make their way in the world and support themselves and their families. The hunger for travel, lifestyle and the great experiences they are able go through because of this is awe inspiring.

Of course, not everyone can be so lucky with their chosen career paths, or at least it isn’t so obvious. There is a way for everyone to do what they want, if they really want to. I was sitting in an office in a big city as a commercial real estate advisor when I decided I had to make the move.

I couldn’t see how I would be able to be like all those people I had met on previous vacations to various tropical places on earth, who were making it work, surviving and thriving whilst also really enjoying life (on the beach!), but I took the jump, and made it work, and now….I wouldn’t change a thing!

Admittedly, I had the global recession hitting around that time, so it was just the ‘push’ I may have needed to make that jump. I have noticed over the last 9 years as well, the number of people taking career breaks has steadily grown, and those people rarely seem to go back…1 year turns into 3, and then more – This is a great trend, and i hope to see more of it. Those people in their mid 30’s, rather than settling down, are choosing to go out in the world and experience something new – with or without kids! I always admire young families that take the plunge, bring the kids and jump into a new life. In my humble opinion, there is no better thing that you can do for your kids (and yourself) than move your family to another country, like Costa Rica (or somewhere similar). My family did it for me as I grew up and I think i ended up ok!


But seriously, imagine the gift of learning a new language as a kid (they absorb up languages at that age like a sponge), experiencing a new culture, new foods, beaches and animals (instead of TV and Xbox after school). And then for the parents..welcome back to your lives basically.

This is just a snap shot of an evolving trend. No longer is it just retirees who are able to move to beautiful beaches and enjoy their lives. They have shown us the way, and people want more from life now. As the world becomes more and more developed, fast paced, innovative, polluted, technology-based, more cut-throat, health conscious, global etc etc (notice how some of these are good, and some bad), people want and need to take a step out of the system a bit and remember why we are here, who we are and concentrate on ‘you’.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings, I am by no means saying I have it right, far far from it I think, but i’m trying and every day, i meet people I learn from, and I hope that one day soon I will get to (my) basics.

Good luck to you!

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